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Magic Eden gets sassy to Opensea on Twitter about Solana NFTs

It was recently seen that Magic Eden was mocking OpenSea on Twitter after they tweeted about Solana projects. Magic Eden seems to still believe they are the Solana leaders and won’t give that title to OpenSea.

Solana OpenSea Magic Eden
OpenSea recently entered the Solana ecosystem. This area is often called Magic Eden’s grounds.

The Twitter Drama

In the past while, major companies’ social media managers have taken a funny stance on their content strategy, from Ryanair to Duolingo just to name a few. Magic Eden has mocked OpenSea’s new rival on Twitter.

OpenSea‚Äôs initial tweet simply stated: “A Solana Project Thread” which was then followed by many Solana-related projects. Then, Magic Eden savagely replied: “a sOlAnA pRojEcT tHrEaD. This is what happens when you don’t “DYOR” in clearly sarcastic tones. This response Tweet has “ratioed” OpenSea’s original Tweet as it sits on 3,032 likes at the time of writing, with OpenSea’s sitting at only 2,217. This sarcastic reply shows that Magic Eden still believes they are the leader in Solana. Despite the fact that OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world, this statement still holds true despite the fact OpenSea has just entered the blockchain.

Magic Eden has been the dominant brand in Solana, while OpenSea is the most established brand within the Ethereum space. They should just stick to their lane. This is the question.

OpenSea’s Step into Solana

After OpenSea has only ever really worked within Ethereum (and Polygon) based NFTs, they have lately stepped into the Solana ecosystem. Solana is definitely one of the biggest blockchain competitors to Ethereum.

Now OpenSea has launched a Solana beta phase that allows users to sell and buy Solana NFTs via their marketplace.

OpenSea’s move to Solana is a smart one. It expands their reach and allows them to support an eco-friendly cryptocurrency. It can also allow users to sell and buy certain NFTs at lower prices and speedy transactions. Magic Eden remains the clear leader in Solana.

Solana’s sales have increased dramatically in the last few weeks as Ethereum has experienced a decline. Solana is an old market, Magic Eden and Solanart being the most popular. But Ethereum supporters have often criticized the Solana blockchain and called it a “worse blockchain”.

About Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a Solana NFT marketplace and is the market leader in the space. It allows users to buy, sell and create NFTs using the Solana blockchain.

They have a marketplace and a minting launchpad. Magic Eden can mint NFTs for certain projects if they feel they are good enough.

Sadly, through this minting launchpad, some projects including Balloonsville turned out to be rug pulls. Magic Eden was heavily criticised for the items you had to have in order to enter it. Balloonsville was the only case where they didn’t need ID.

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