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Metagood, a Platform that Uses NFTs for Social Good

Many NFT projects are trying to achieve a social purpose as NFTs continue to flood the market. Metagood is a platform that uses NFTs to promote social good. It is a for-profit and philanthropic organization. Metagood, which uses NFT collections such as OnChainMonkey to collect NFTs, has provided assistance to Ukraine and donated to UNICEF. It also financially supported the evacuation of Sharbat Gula (an Afghan refugee). Let’s get into the details: What is Metagood? And what are its NFT charity initiatives.

OnChainMonkey NFT collection members at a real-life event holding images of monkeys
OnChainMonkey NFT collection members at a real-life event. Credit: OCM

What is Metagood NFT Platform?

As previously mentioned, Metagood is a philanthropic platform that uses NFTs for charity. Metagood’s mission is to empower communities and encourage “positive collective action.” Their work is centered around four core values: integrity, sustainability, respect, and experimentation.

“Our world is facing exponential problems and we believe in the power of communities to take collective action to solve them,” Metagood’s manifesto reads. “We recognise the need for fundamental change in incentive structures and believe in the power of Web3 to help create this change for the benefit of current and future generations.”

In fact, Metagood is backed by some of the most popular blockchain experts, acclaimed artists, and social impact executives. The list includes author and Olympic gold medalist, Apolo Ohno; Sound Ventures co-founder, Guy Oseary; Axie Infinity co-founder, Jeffrey (Jiho) Zirlin, and The Sandbox Co-founder, Sebastien Borget, to name a few.

Who Created Metagood NFT Platform?

Metagood was founded by crypto and NFT veterans, Danny Yang, Amanda Terry, and Bill Tai. Yang, a Harvard graduate, is the founder of Maicoin (Taiwan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange) and Blockseer (a blockchain analytics company). Terry, on the other hand is a former executive in digital media business development at NBC, Twitter and Neustar. Tai is a venture capitalist and an athlete. He is also the Chairman of ACTAI Global.

“The big vision and goal is to really make an impact and solve some of these exponential problems that we’re facing,” Yang told CoinDesk. “These are problems that start small but quickly consume the whole world.”

An OnChainMonkey from Metagood
OnChainMonkey genesis collection is the platform’s first NFT project. Credit: OCM

About OnChainMonkey, The Platform’s First NFT Project

In September 2021, Metagood dropped its first NFT collection, OnChainMonkey. A free-to-mint, 10K PFP collection, OnChainMonkey is the first NFT collection to mint 10,000 tokens in a single transaction. This allowed the NFT to reduce its gas costs.

Soon, the project will drop Karma, an NFT collection featuring artwork from Metagood’s team who boasts of working with some of the top Hollywood movies. These NFTs, when combined, will offer holders a variety of perks including membership to the OCM community. Other perks include participation in community projects and governance of DAOs, as well as access to VIP talks, real-life events, and participation in DAO governance.

More importantly, OCM has helped raise awareness about the climate crisis. One OCM member also auctioned his Genesis NFT and donated all the proceeds to UNICEF and Elon Musk Foundation-backed Giga Connect to help bring internet connectivity to schools.

Besides, Metagood has released the OCM Earth NFT collection to help support the people of Ukraine. The platform also partnered with Future Brilliance, a non-profit organization that helps refugees from Afghanistan. Future Brilliance will help Sharbat Gula and her family flee Afghanistan for safety.

To be sure, these are only a few of the charity NFT projects that Metagood has taken up. The company is clearly setting an example for how NFTs can be used to benefit society.

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