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MindBlowon NFT Project is Now Completely Sold

Recently MindBlowon NFT Collection clarified on Twitter, that the project was sold out just hours after the minting process started.

The MindBlowon NFT project sold out their 6969 item collection late last night.

The Mint

According to many users, the minting process for MindBlowon was smooth, easy and actually a bit of fun. This is in stark contrast to other mints that are slow and often basic.

The mint was created through a fair Dutch auction. This acts as a normal Dutch Auction, with the NFT mint starting from 0. 69 ETH and decreasing by 0. 05 ETH every 30 minutes until it hits the low mint price of 0. 169 ETH). After the auction ends, any MindBlowon NFT that was sold at a higher price than the previous price will be refunded. Everyone paid the same price.

To get mint, customers were presented with a vending machine where they could choose a can. After the mint was successful, the users received a soda container which is the pre-reveal standard for all NFTs. A video example of the mint can be seen here, as @dagelanco posted, who is working with the project.

Many supporters and onlookers have praised the team and the entire project. @PratiknyoWanyi, a Twitter user said that the team is very connected to the community. No matter how many followers they may have, they engage with everyone in the community. “This was part of a very positive thread about MindBlowon.

About MindBlowon

MindBlowon is a new NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-reveal images are of soda cans with different flavors. However, post-reveal sneak peeks show that MindBlowon’s main NFTs will be characters. You can see examples on their Twitter.

The floor price for OpenSea is 0. 46 ETH, or just over $1100, after a Dutch Auction mint.

The MindBlowon creator is arguably what’s most impressive about the project. Artist LickPalick boasts a combined Twitter following of more than 1 million, between his personal account (@lickpalick), and his account for his comic strip (“@tahilalats”).

MindBlowon, in fact, is the Web3 rebirth Tahilalats. Since starting the comic strip back in 2015, LickPalick has collaborated with Sony, Samsung, PlayStation, Spotify, and other major brands.

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