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Netgear will transform its connected picture frame into an NFT display

NFTs are gaining access to every part of our lives, whether we want them or not. What started as curiosity quickly grew to include Netgear’s connected smart frame Meural and networking giant Netgear.

Netgear, regardless of your opinion on NFTs is leveraging this interest to integrate them into products such as the Meural Frame. It allows these “arts” to be displayed and used as decorations in other areas than Twitter profiles.

The Meural was originally created to display photos. Netgear announced recently that beta testing integration between Meural and MetaMask will begin in January. This partnership allows you to upload NFTs directly to Meural and store them safely.

For a second, pretend you don’t know what an NFT means. You can still use your smartphone to display slideshows or images on the Meural. The Meural will also have access to the largest streaming library of photography and art. The library will include both contemporary and classical artists, as well as brand content. The $8 monthly or annual subscriptions are available. 95 or $69. 95 respectively. You can also send pictures to the Meural via the app or a MicroSD card slot built in.

There are many sizes available for the Meural Frames. They can be used as a desk or wall mount and measure 16x 24, 19x 29 in size. The frames do not have a resolution higher than 1080p which is disappointing considering the existence of displays such as Samsung’s The Frame.

The smaller photo frame is available for purchase at 95,, and the more expensive $399.. 95 and $599.95. These models are available in many color options and may not be available on Amazon or Netgear.

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