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NFT Detective ZachXBT Doxxes the Founder of Slow Rug: The Rogue Society NFT

NFT detective ZachXBT finally identified The Rogue Society NFT’s founder. Leche is the name of the missing founder. He reportedly fled after raising $5.5million for the project.

According to Leche, there is an old YouTube channel with a link to @gamingleche. You can search Twitter for @gamingleche to find the old Twitter handle of @LecheTheMilky. Inadvertently, the founder of The Rogue Society NFT leaked his real identity in one his YouTube streams. According to Zach, his real name is Jahvin Bowman.

Founder of The Rogue Society NFT slow rugged the project this year.
Great art, but the project was a rug pull. Credit: The Rogue Society NFT.

A slow rug pull on The Rogue Society NFT project by its founder

To begin with, The Rogue Society was a PFP NFT collection with 15,777 Robot NFTs launched in September 2021. The founder of the Rogue Society NFT project, $5.5 million raised after the launch, was soon gone. At the time of writing, Leche’s latest post in Discord was 4 months apart from his last announcement in December 2021. This is alarming, aren’t you?

According to Zach, this slow-moving has been going on for seven months. And the Rogue Society NFT founder and his staff didn’t even try to deliver any of its roadmap items in this time. These include NFT airdrops free of charge, a merch shop, a theme song and many more. This doesn’t seem like a rug pull, but I don’t know of any.

Money flow of stolen funds from The Rogue Society NFT holders.
Flow map of the stolen funds. Source: @zachxbt.

Where did all the funds go?

So where did all the money go? Zach was able to trace how Leche transferred the funds to various wallet addresses, as shown in the above. Coinbase has confirmed that The Rogue Society NFT founder cashed out $3.4 Million of funds last month. While another $100k of funds went to a user called azerothop.eth.

Nonetheless, with the recent doxxing by ZachXBT, Leche has decided to go active in the Discord chat today. However, take note that one of the characteristics of a slow rug pull is that the project team will not completely disappear. Some team members may reappear from time to time, giving the false impression that they’re still working on the project.

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