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Nouns DAO Pumping: Here’s Why

Nouns DAO has seen a noticeable rise in both price and volume for the Nouns NFT collections. Many will agree that crypto is in a slump. The Nouns family has had a great week, and the Nouns App is likely the reason.

Nouns app
RGB Noun created by the community. Credit: @andrewjiang

Introducing: Nouns App for iPhone

Besides being one of the more solid NFT projects in the space, one of the reasons for the recent spike is the introduction of its mobile app. Given that the Nouns collection drop every 24 hours, many community members would love to have a tool to help them keep track of the latest activities. This project, Proposal 6, is a 100 ETH project, ending with 16 FOR and 0 AGAINST votes.

The Nouns app allows users to view the most recent NFTs on-chain and provides additional metadata. You will also receive important notifications throughout the day via the built-in Noun o’clock. The app also allows users to create their own Nouns for their PFPs. This is similar to what we already have in the Nouns Playground.

The team integrated the app with the Apple Watch. Users can now have a Nouns watchface and track the Nouns o’clock countdown. You can even customize the display of Noun o’clock on your watches.

Who is Nouns DAO?

Nouns DAO is the DAO behind the generative PFP NFT, which generates only 1 NFT each day. Everyday, they will generate a 32×32 pixel character based on people, places, or things. The team members will receive 1 of every 5 NFTs. All proceeds go directly to the DAO. As opposed to the mass NFT drops such as most 10k PFP projects, this approach mitigates the risk of rug pulls.

In other news, the team recently announced the Lil Nouns NFT collection. This is basically a miniature version of the OG Nouns. They’re much more cute to me.

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