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OnCyber NFT Gallery Platform Teases A New Open Metaverse

OnCyber, the ambitious NFT gallery platform, is introducing ‘OM’ with popular NFT collector @punk6529. This vast, decentralized, community-governed metaverse is open to everyone. According to OnCyber, this is the beginning of the decentralized future, and there are plans to host up to 100 million people.

Image of the OM metaverse space by Punk6529 and OnCyber NFT gallery
The OM metaverse is now in alpha testing.

After months of hard work, the metaverse is now in the alpha phase of testing. You can enjoy the first district (the ‘6529 Museum District’) of the first city ‘Genesis City’), designed by punk6529. Here you will find The 6529 Museum of Art and The museums of 6529 team members.

OnCyber NFT gallery and punk6529 have created a truly remarkable space

The promotion video by the OnCyber NFT gallery is incredible. The space is home to a number of museums as well as spaces that have tons of potential. The galleries also feature NFT artwork like CryptoPunks (Fidenza), Art Blocks, and many more.

In a long, detailed thread of 87 tweets, 6529 listed the plan for OM and the more expansive space. He sees it as an inclusive space that is open to all and without any restrictions. It’s also fully interconnected with the real world.

The alpha will remain open for three to six months. It will then move to beta with sufficient feedback and data.

There are a number of possible outcomes as to how the OM metaverse might look. However, punk6529 has an idea. He said, “My dream world is 5,000 self-governing districts in 10 self-governing cities in one self-governing world.”

Right now, the metaverse project by the OnCyber NFT gallery and punk6529 is in the early stages. The plans are huge and have been thought out extensively. Significantly, you can join the metaverse alpha for free and build, as long as your vision aligns with the creators.

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