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OpenSea Announces Solana NFT integration on their Marketplace

You’ll soon be able to purchase Solana NFTs from OpenSea! The NFT marketplace tweeted that the integration of Solana NFTs will be available in April.

The picture depicts of Opense and Solana logos
Opensea made a big announcement today: it will integrate Solana NFTs on their platform.

Solana NFTs on Opensea

Adding Solana NFT to their marketplace means Opensea will probably add compatibility for Phantom Wallet as well since it is the most used SOL wallet at present.

This integration would be another milestone in the history and evolution of NFT space. Opensea will be the first platform to allow the sale and purchase of ETH and SOL NFTs.

The picture shows Opensea tweet about Solana integration
We can expect the Solana NFTs on the the largest NFT marketplace on April.

In addition, it would also expand the already massive market for Solana NFTs since Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace by volume. The integration also represents a step towards creating a market for all NFTs on any cryptocurrency.

This partnership between Solana & Opensea represents a refreshing development in the NFT platform. Opensea has been facing many problems lately. Just this month, Opensea received criticism for delisting some NFT projects on their platform. Twitter’s NFT community called Opensea “centralized”. Moreover, a blockchain developer also discovered a fatal bug on the platform, but apparently, Opensea refused to give the bounty. Hopefully, Opensea will continue to address ongoing issues as it makes changes to its marketplace.

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