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Petaverse Now Allows You to Mint a Web3 Version Of Your Pet

If you would like to take your pet to the Metaverse then Petaverse is right for you. This new project is a collaboration between the Cominted Labs Studio and allows users to create replicas of their pets using NFTs.

The Genesis NFT collection will feature only 1000 customizable virtual pets available at 0. 13 ETH per piece. Let’s learn how Petaverse works while you prepare your digital wallet!

image of a Petaverse 3d cat NFT
Petaverse is an innovative NFT project that brings your real-life pets into the web3 universe!

How do Petaverse NFTs work?

In essence, Petaverse will begin its journey with a collection of 1000 NFTs called “MetaPaw”. Each digital asset will be a customized-created virtual pet.

Once you have created a MetaPaw NFT you can upload photos from your real-life pets. For accuracy, you will need to include photos of your pet’s back, side, and front.

image of a Petaverse submit form
Users must submit detailed photos of their real-life pets to enjoy highly-detailed digital replicas.

In addition, you also have to share details such as the pet’s name, breed, approximate size, and more. You can submit all of the information on the Petaverse platform prior to minting. The Petaverse technology will then create a 3D copy of your pet. A highly detailed digital avatar will be created by the team’s top designers. The digital assets will include many details such as fur and mustaches. Here’s an example:

image of a Petaverse dog NFT alongside a real photo of a dog
Using Petaverse NFT-powered tech, users can now turn their four-legged friends into digital assets.

What perks do NFT holders get?

To begin with, you can explore the fascinating web3 world with your beloved pet by your side! NFT holders will also be granted VIP access to Petaverse’s digital park. Decentraland wearables will be available to community members soon.

Petaverse is a community-driven business that offers exclusive discounts and merch. You’ll get many perks from the brand partners of the project in the future. This is only the beginning of an ambitious road map – let’s learn more.

image of three Petaverse NFTs
In the future, Petaverse will launch a native token, a Decentraland game, and a dedicated marketplace for its community!

What about the project roadmap?

At this moment, Petaverse NFT holders can already enjoy the project’s dedicated Pet Park. The location was funded by the Decentraland foundation. Community members are able to socialize and take virtual walks in the park together.

Q3 NFT holders will be able to enjoy VIP access to Pet Park. This feature will also include many exciting airdrops. Each holder will receive a 3D file of the digital pet they own.

By the end of the year, the Petaverse game will officially go live in Decentraland! This experience will power the team’s plans for 2023: dropping a 10K NFT collection, a native token, and a dedicated marketplace!

This amazing digital experience is designed to bring pet lovers together like no other.

If you are ready to join Petaverse, be sure to create your own Genesis NFT! The digital assets will be available starting this month on the official website. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord server for exclusive announcements, sneak peeks, and more!

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