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Pin Master NFTs: Your Ticket to an Innovative P2E Bowling Experience

What if you could bowl and while also collecting valuable NFTs? Pin Master offers exactly that!

This unique project uses blockchain technology to provide a P2E bowling experience. This venture is all about the community.

Of course, everything begins with their debut NFT collection, set to drop on April 27th at 10 a.m. EST. We have so much time, let’s learn all about Pin Master!

image of Pin Master NFTs
Pin Master aims to revolutionize P2E bowling.

What is Pin Master?

In essence, Pin Master is an NFT-powered Play-to-Earn game. This project bridges the gap between virtual gaming and physical bowling. Players must first create their Pin Master NFT.

The colorful digital assets will drop on April 27th at 12 pm EST for $200 per piece. Surprisingly, each holder can design their own digital avatar using the project’s software. You can choose from a variety of hairstyles, clothing and facial features. The character you create is called a “Bowler.”

The project admins will duplicate each Bowler NFT character by 20 and add them to the P2E game as Bowler cards. Players can then collect Bowlers to use in tournaments and matches. As a creator, you will earn 1% royalty of the money generated with your 20 Bowler characters.

But wait, there’s more!

Pin Master NFT holders can design their custom characters using a dedicated platform.

How does the game work?

There are two ways to enjoy the Pin Master P2E experience: as a holder or a player. Of course, each option comes with its own perks and challenges.

For example, holders can take the following actions:

  • Design Bowler NFTs to be used within the game. You can buy digital Tickets for each type of asset you want to own, from Character Tester to Remodeled Bowling Alley;
  • Earn 1% royalties as players use your digital avatars in the game;
  • Win cash prizes and token PINs from the game’s Daily and Weekly tournaments (the more Bowlers you create, the more chances to win! );

Meanwhile, players can enjoy the game as follows:

  • Collect Bowler NFTs and enhance their performance with special Accessory NFTs found in the Pin Master Bowler Packs;
  • Join daily matches to win PINs, the game’s native token that increases your score;
  • Level up your Bowler to increase its value (there are 20 levels and four ranks starting from Novice to Professional);
  • Participate in weekly tournaments to win cash prizes of $1200 per week.

Soon enough each player that will go bowling in real life (within the US) will earn in-game NFTs too. This perk encourages socializing, moving and virtual progress.

” We expect to be at every American bowling alley by the end of the year thanks to a deal with two major bowling companies ,”, according the Pin Master founder team.

Nevertheless, this is just part of the project’s roadmap, so let’s check it out!

The project roadmap revealed

At this moment, the team is actively working on the Pin Master Digital Bowling platform. Project admins will be revealing new bowling partnerships as well as the Attribute NFTs.

Throughout Q3, the Pin Master Ranked Tournaments Season 1 will officially begin! The project will also be able to benefit from Ethereum integration. Holders will also be able earn NFTs by playing real-life bowling!

The fantasy bowling experience will also be available via a dedicated mobile app (set to drop in 2023). Community members can also shop at the Pin Master Online Store.

If you’re ready to enjoy the amazing Pin Master P2E bowling experience, mint your NFT on the official website. Meanwhile, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord channel for exclusive announcements, giveaways, and more!

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