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RECUR integrates Avalanche for better NFT interoperability

RECUR has integrated into the Avalanche blockchain! This integration will enable RECUR users transfer NFTs into Avalanche and allow them to use them across wallets and marketplaces as well as other applications that are built on the Avalanche Blockchain. RECUR’s integration with Avalanche is a true example of interoperability.

RECUR Integrates With Avalanche
This partnership with Avalanche marks another important step towards RECUR’s vision of true interoperability.

RECUR’s Avalanche Integration

RECUR controls the NFT ventures for some of the most cherished IPs around the globe. Paramount, Star Trek and Nickelodeon are just a few of the many IPs that RECUR controls. RECUR, which integrates with Avalanche creates a new era in interoperability and protection of intellectual property. The world’s most famous brands have a way to seamlessly flow between Web 3.0 communities. Additionally, EIP 2981, the NFT Royalty Standard co-authored by RECUR, is expanding into the Avalanche ecosystem.

The New Standard

While working with Avalanche and its ecosystem partners, RECUR will work alongside marketplaces and metaverses to adopt and implement the EIP 2981 NFT Royalty Standard. This will support creators and artists as well as mainstream audiences. Starting Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, users will find Avalanche as a blockchain deposit, and withdrawal option enabled natively in their RECUR accounts with no additional action required.

Thus by using RECUR’s industry-leading MultiChain Deposit & Withdrawal. Users can effortlessly move their NFTs of the world’s most iconic brands across Web3 and the Avalanche ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Avalanche, enabling RECUR NFTs to travel and participate in its eco-friendly and rapidly growing ecosystem. It is vital that creators keep their royalties as we expand our NFT offerings throughout the metaverse. Regardless of where their NFTs travel.”

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