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Reddit x VaynerNFT Partner Up to Publicize “The ABCs of NFTs Playbook

VaynerNFT is Gary Vee’s NFT consulting arm VaynerX has partnered up with Reddit in order to create an educational whitepaper about NFTs. The “The ABCs of NFTs Playbook”, a downloadable resource, is designed to help new users get started in the ever-expanding world of NFTs. What kind of information is in VaynerNFT’s NFT Playbook and Reddit? Let’s see.

Cover of The ABCs of NFTs from VaynerNFT and Reddit
The ABCs of NFTs Playbook will be a guide for newcomers to the NFT space.

All about The ABCs of NFTs from Reddit and VaynerNFT

In essence, The ABCs of NFTs from Reddit and VaynerNFT is an extensive guide covering all of the basics of the NFT space. This playbook was created by the community. This means that the playbook uses data collected from Reddit’s passionate crypto community. Redditors took part in surveys that helped to create the guide.

Contributions to the guide also came from top leaders in the NFT space, as well as emerging NFT projects. Reddit was aided by VaynerNFT’s knowledge in this field.

Reddit is an important hub for discussions about crypto and NFTs, and its community continues to grow. In fact, in the subreddit r/nftsmarketplace alone, mentions of NFTs have grown by 423x, and total views have grown by 300x, all in the past six months.

The 42-page guide is split up into six sections. To list, these are:

  • A Brief History of NFTs
  • NFT Like I’m 5
  • The 7 Types of NFTs
  • The Value of NFTs
  • NFT Launch Playbook
  • The NFT Community on Reddit

Each section of The ABCs of NFTs covers both basic information that newcomers would need to know, as well as smart perspectives from notable people working in NFTs.

VaynerNFT x Reddit ABCs of NFTs Playbook section cover for NFT Like I'm 5
The Playbook section “NFT Like I’m 5” is specifically meant to be accessible to newcomers still finding their feet in NFTs.

The importance of educating people about the NFT space

All in all, it’s clear that Reddit and VaynerNFT identified just how important it is that there are ample resources for people looking to learn about NFTs. Many of you will be aware that NFT space entry can be daunting and overwhelming.

The NFT space is a fascinating area. NFTs have been a major part of cultural conversations over the last year. The other side is that the number of people who are actively involved in the space remains relatively low. As VaynerNFT president Avery Akkineni notes in her introduction to the guide, “NFT might have been 2021’s Word of the Year, but only a tiny fraction of the world’s population owns an NFT…so far.”

By launching the ABCs of NFTs Playbook, Reddit and VaynerNFT are showing their commitment to making it easy for people to educate themselves on NFTs – a commitment that NFTevening shares. It is important to expand the user base and grow the community for those who believe in NFTs, Web3 and blockchain technology. This goal is furthered by informative resources such as these. What are you waiting to do? Check out the Playbook here!

Looking for other resources to help you along your NFT journey? Be sure to check out our ‘Guides’ section. There you’ll find a ton of helpful info on NFTs, wallet security, and explainers on some of the biggest NFT projects out there.

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