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Refik Anadol’s Living Architecture: Batllo Sold To 6529 Fund For $1.3M

Living Architecture: Batllo by Refik Anadol was sold to 6529 Fund for a whopping $1.3M last night! Anadol’s work was part of the auction on the 21st Century Evening Sale that took place at Christie’s in New York this May 10. This is the first time a digital token representing UNESCO World Heritage Site has been sold at an auction house sale.

The picture shows Refik Anadol's Living Architecture: Batlló
Refik Anadol’s Living Architecture: Batllo is a dynamic NFT art piece that changes based on real-time data. Credit: Christie’s

Refik Anadol’s NFT Sold on Auction at Christie’s for $1.3M

“Living Architecture: Casa Batllo” is a dynamic NFT/AI Data Sculpture that represents the iconic Gaudi building. The NFT created by the Turkish-American director, media artist and media designer changes in real time using data from the facade. D-LAB, a digital innovation center at Firmenich, has created an AI-guided fragrance that evokes the smell of the house.

In addition to the virtual artwork, there’s also an IRL replica of the NFT displayed outside the Christie’s Rockefeller Plaza headquarters.

The picture shows an exhibit of Refik Anadol's NFT
Anadol’s work is the only NFT in the auction at Christie’s this May 9-14.

The art piece is the only NFT in the renowned “Christie’s Spring Marquee Week” auction held during May 9-14 alongside works by Monet, Picasso, Warhol, Basquiat, Banksy, and Van Gogh! According to Anadol, the reason the project is so important is its respect for historical data. It also integrates with future technologies such as AI Data, the metaverse and NFTs, among others. It is an “excited imagination” that connects the past and future.

Anadol will donate 10% of the proceeds to Spanish charities that work with neurodiverse adults and children.

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