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Rosewood London’s Mirror Room celebrates Surrealism. It serves ‘NFTea

Rosewood London has launched their Art Afternoon tea, inspired by the famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. This 5 Star luxury hotel will offer guests an immersive experience with artful tea and colorful pastries. Rosewood has created their first NFTea collection using NFT and augmented reality technology.

Salvador Dali-inspired afternoon tea

Fancy a cup of NFTea?

The best contemporary afternoon tea in the UK just got better. Rosewood London combines Mark Perkins’ amazing pastries, Salvador Dali’s artwork, and SmartMedia Labs’ technological expertise to create the next best food-based NFT. Starting at PS72 per person, customers will enjoy 3 unique pastries that are so beautiful that you will think twice before sinking your spoon into them.

The Queen of Hearts is part of Dali’s ‘Playing Card’ collection. This pastry is made with ruby peach jelly and almond sponge, as well as glazed strawberry mousse. It’s set on a red heart. You will also find edible decorations and a queen of hearts playing card.

Next The Metamorphosis of Narcissus is the centerpiece of the NFTea collection. It shows a narcissus blossom emerging from Dali’s eggs. This mousse-based pastry is made with 5 components that symbolise new beginnings.

Lastly, The Persistence of Memory portrays a butterfly, one of Dali’s most iconic depictions. It is a symbol of freedom, metamorphosis, and transformation. The Butterfly Windmill Cake includes a QR code that allows customers to enter an AR experience. Customers can use their smartphones to capture a butterfly. This unlocks their NFTs. This is the final stage of the NFTea experience. It’s the first ever.

Media previews were held yesterday and the experience officially opens to the public today (11 May 2022). The opening hours are from Wednesday to Sunday, 12pm to 6pm. Remember, there are only 2,500 butterflies to capture, so what are you waiting for? Book a table now!

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