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Satoshi Island integrates Chainlink for Its Citizen NFT Sales

This month, the decentralized island project Satoshi Island teams up with Chainlink to launch Citizenship NFTs. All holders of the digital assets will receive exclusive perks, which are all related to Vanuatu’s private island.

The drop is actually a first step towards Satoshi Island’s main goal, which is to become the crypto capital of world.

image of the Satoshi Island and Chainlink logos
Crypto-focused project Satoshi Island teamed up with Chainlink to drop its Citizenship NFT collection. Credits: Satoshi Island

An insight into the Citizenship NFTs

In short, Satoshi Island will drop 21,000 Citizenship NFTs divided into 21 editions with Chainlink VRF integration. Editions 2-21 have different background colors. The first edition NFTs has exclusive island images, colors and other traits.

The release of the first edition NFTs is a significant step forward for the South Pacific-based company. Satoshi Island aims to become an ultra-modern city for crypto experts and enthusiasts alike.

The Citizenship NFT rareity system is crucial for the project’s growth. The founders still had to ensure fair access for all collectors. It’s even more important since there are over 50,000 applicants wanting to live on Satoshi Island! This is the main reason Satoshi Island partnered with Chainlink.

image from the upcoming Satoshi Island architectural constructions
Satoshi Island aims to become the future capital of the crypto world. Credits: Satoshi Island

About the Satoshi Island x Chainlink partnership

Satoshi Island teamed up with Chainlink to integrate its Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into the minting process. This innovative system uses a pre-committed key to combine block data. The program then generates a random number and cryptographic proof. The Citizenship NFTs smart contract will only accept the generated number if it has a valid cryptographic evidence.

As a result, Chainlink VRF allows collectors to mint Citizenship NFTs in a fair, safe manner.

“Chainlink VRF is integral to ensure the transparency and fairness of our Citizenship NFT minting process,” explains Satoshi Island Developer James Law. “The tamper-proof RNG with on-chain proof helps provide our community with the transparency it demands. Ultimately, we aim to create a truly democratic blockchain-based governance system for our island, making a verifiably fair NFT mint is a crucial first step.”

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