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Sega’s Super Game project is looking at adding NFTs

“It’s a natural extension for future gaming that it will expand into new areas like cloud gaming and NFTs,” said Masayoshi Kikuchi, Sega producer.

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‘Natural extension’: Sega's Super Game project looking to add NFTs

Japanese gaming giant Sega is looking at integrating cloud technology and NFTs as part of its new “Super Game” project to connect different games to each other. The news caused a predictable backlash among crypto-skeptics in the gaming community. Many people vented their dissatisfaction online about the company this week.

The Super Game initiative will be launched over the next five year and will see the development of many new cross-platform, triple-A grade games. The firm is said to be weighing up an investment of around $800 million into the project.

A Sega Japan interview revealed that the firm was considering cloud support and NFT. Video Games Chronicle, a gaming news outlet, provided an English translation earlier in the week.

During the interview, Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi noted that the gaming industry has a “history of expansion” into new forms of culture and technology such as social media in particular, with streaming and watching others play games via platforms like YouTube and Twitch becoming popular in recent years.

Kikuchi went on to suggest that a move into cloud tech and NFTs would therefore be inevitable, noting that:

“It is a natural extension for the future of gaming that it will expand to involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs. We are also developing SuperGame from the perspective of how far different games can be connected to each other.”

THE BETRAYAL. Why SEGA? pic.twitter.com/HuabO5QaiG

— JOLLY J (@DynamoSuperX) April 10, 2022

Sega fans were less vocal than on other occasions in which big gaming companies announced NFT plans. Not for me.”

The pushback seemed much tamer than other occasions in which big gaming firms announced NFT plans, possibly because these comments were from Sega Japan execs and not from the U.S. branch.

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Sega says ‘future of gaming’ includes NFTs and cloud streaming: https://t.co/4gTSOqoJoJ pic.twitter.com/JGmBTQJJX2

— Kotaku (@Kotaku) April 10, 2022

Over on Reddit, members of the r/gaming community were also questioning the potential NFTs integrations, with “Radingod123” suggesting that gaming firm’s like the idea of NFTs due to the supposed pyramid scheme elements.

However other users such as “Bouldurr” offered a different take on the subject, arguing that the idea to have cross game portable digital assets that can be owned and sold is a “cool one” that could work in the right circumstances:

“NFTs are a technology. They don’t have to be good or bad. It is the micro transactions that are already being made in games that cause the trepidation. It’s understandable people don’t like the idea of ‘NFT’ games.”

“But the idea has promise in certain situations. They added that they would love to be able sell my hearthstone collection, even if it were pennies per dollar. In news that may frustrate anti-crypto gamers further, the iconic actor Jim Carey who plays the role as Dr.Robotnik, in the Sonic the Hedgehog films, which are based on the Sega Sega games also revealed plans to enter the NFT market.

Apart from acting, Carey is also a respected artist and during an interview earlier with Access to promote Sonic the Hedgehog 2 earlier this month, the 60-year-old stated that he will soon be launching an NFT collection dubbed “Magic Hour” featuring digital art and spoken word pieces.

— Matty (@DCLBlogger) April 4, 2022

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