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SoleSavy launches an NFT sneaker that is both physical and digital

NFTs are becoming more common in the sneaker market across brands, blogs, resell platforms, and other outlets. We have seen international brands such as Nike’s “MNLTH”, NFT, and Adidas team up with Prada for a user-generated NFT project. SoleSavy now joins in the action, launching its limited-edition digital and physical NFT sneaker.

SoleSavy SS4 designers Gemo Wong and Justin Taylor
SoleSavy SS4 designers Gemo Wong and Justin Taylor. credit: SoleSavy

The SS4 – SoleSavy’s First Digital and Physical NFT Sneaker Launch

The SS4 is a collection of 1,023 NFTs paired with 1,023 pairs of custom physical sneakers. You can mint the SS$ sneaker NFTs on their official website. , The physical sneakers are still available and will be shipped in June.

For the NFT sneaker launch, SoleSavy leaned on Gemo Wong and Justin Taylor – two well-known designers in the sneakers industry. They are also behind some of the most iconic collaborations, such as Cactus Jack x Jordan Brand and the signature lines by Chris Paul and Jordan Carmelo Anthony.

SoleSavy ss4 digital and physical sneaker
SoleSavy ss4 digital and physical sneaker. Credit: SoleSavy

“How do we build a consumer experience that lasts longer than that delivery, that carries on all year long? Dejan Pralica is the SoleSavy Chief Executive Officer.

As stated by Chief Content Officer Ali Adab, “People either can’t stand NFTs or don’t understand them or are super indulged in the space. I think as a company we want to help bridge that gap, and I think being able to redeem physical goods as part of this experience was really important for us.”

What is SoleSavy?

SoleSavy is a sneaker community platform with some of the most passionate people in sneakers. It was created to help sneakerheads find the shoes they desire without having to pay any extra to third parties.

SoleSavy company logo
SoleSavy company logo. Credit: SoleSavy

Bots, shipping delays, mass reselling, fluctuating inventory, and incorrect information keep sneakers inaccessible to those who want them the most. The SoleSavy community is passionate about restoring the sneakers community.

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