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Sony Launches Tiki Guy NFT Drop for Their Spacial Reality Display

Last month, ThetaLabs joined forces with Sony to launch 3D NFTs that can be viewed on the Spatial Reality Display (SRD). Sony just launched its “Tiki Guy”, NFT which can be viewed on the SRD. This is a step closer to augmented realities!

sony tiki guy nft
Sony has a Tiki-inspired NFT that you can mint starting tomorrow!

About the Tiki Guy NFT Drop

There are only 510 Tiki Guy NFTs in total. The NFT also has a 3D asset that NFT holders can display on the SRD. According to the designer: “The original purpose was to make them as scary as possible to frighten away ‘Evil Spirits’. They would receive ‘Mana’, which is the spiritual energy that gives them power and strength. Back in the 50s and 60s in the US, Polynesian culture entered into pop culture with ‘Tiki Bars’ and other types of art. Today it is still a fun and kitschy art form in the US.” Interested individuals can get their hands on the NFT for only $100.

An introduction to the Sony metaverse

Additionally, those who do not own an SRD can do so by purchasing the Tiki Guy Pack, limited to 10 editions. The pack includes the Tiki Guy NFT (exclusive to this Pack) and the Sony Spatial Reality Displays (SRD). Both the NFT and the pack will be available at 21: 00 BST on June 17.

Sony will launch the Tiki Guy NFT via ThetaDrop’s NFT marketplace. NFT enthusiasts are familiar with ThetaDrop, which is the marketplace that released Katy Perry’s Genesis NFT collection. It also houses the “American Idol,” the “World Poker Tour”, and the “The Price is Right” NFTs. By launching this NFT, Sony is introducing people to the Sony metaverse and cementing the company’s position in web3.

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