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Stradivarius Violins NFTs to Drop at NFT NYC 2022

It is confirmed that the Stradivarius Violins NFTs will be launched next week at NFT.NYC. NFT Classics Society will release the Cobbett Stradivarius Violin NFT collection on June 20th, the opening day of the event.

Stradivarius Violin
To clarify, Stradivarius Violin NFTs drop at NFT.NYC next week.

The Stradivarius Violin NFT

The NFTs due to be launched will feature both images and audio. The NFTs meld the images of a violin made in 1683 in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari, the “Cobbett”. A performance of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Chaconne will be included. These NFTs will come in three levels. The first tier, Maestro, is video art created from 360-degree photographs of the violin and the 14-minute Bach Chaconne performance. The second tier, Virtuoso, is a series of 31 unique NFTs featuring the original artwork of acclaimed South Korean digital artists Sho Jang and Sangeun Won with the Cobbett motif. The third tier, Prodigy, consists of 93 unique NFTs. These images are 3D generative art created by AI using the Cobbett Stradivarius photos.

Beginning on June 20, the first tier will go on auction and the second and third tiers will be available for purchase at OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace.

At NFT.NYC, NFT Classics Society will exhibit the digital art at NFT.NYC and Soul Night, is a four-day event which also takes place at the wider conference. Aeon Studio and AI Network host this event. It attracts key players and fans of NFTs and AI.


NFT.NYC is the world’s leading annual NFT conference. New York City is the USA’s most populous and most well-known city.

It has been hosted in the city since 2019. In 2021, the event drew in at least 5,000 NFT fans to many different unique events that took place there from various projects, companies, and influencers in the NFT space.

Projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and celebs like GaryVee hosted events last year.

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