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SuperRare to Open New York City Gallery Pop-Up

SuperRare has prepared for its first ever pop-up gallery. New York City’s SoHo is the new home of SuperRare, a popular platform for NFT art curators. What’s more, the gallery opens to the public on May 19 and runs until August 28, 2022.

NFT artwork for SuperRare gallery
‘Thwart test’ by Botto will be one of the NFT artworks on display at the IRL SUPERRARE gallery.

The SuperRare Gallery Pop Up in New York City

The SuperRare Gallery will land in New York next week, creating an immersive environment for digital artists, collectors, and fans. The gallery will be open for three months and feature five curated exhibitions by the SuperRare curator team, as well as a few guest curators. As a matter of fact, SuperRare Senior Curator An Rong will curate the debut exhibition, Visions from Remembered Futures.

In essence, the SuperRare Gallery is the platform’s way of showcasing a curated range of digital art in real life. It aims to bring attention to this rapidly-growing medium and make it accessible and welcoming.

3D mock up of the outside of the SuperRare gallery in NYC
The pop-up SuperRare gallery in SoHo opens to the public on May 19, 2022. Credit: SuperRare

The Gallery brings the digital and physical together

As SuperRare CEO John Crain told NFTevening, the SuperRare team sees the gallery as a great way to foster in-person connections. Particularly, how “human interaction, conversation components really help people think about this To be certain, SuperRare hopes that the gallery pop up can introduce new audiences to digital art, even current skeptics. Digital art has struggled for years to be recognized by traditional institutions like galleries and museums.

The medium has received far more attention since the NFT phenomenon has increased. It’s an excellent time for SuperRare, to highlight digital art in its first ever physical gallery.

” “It was a long-held dream for me and the team that we could have a space that allowed us to display the art in a way that would do justice to the masterpieces that people create,” Crain said.

NFT artwork of a futuristic city for SuperRare Gallery
‘The Line To Anchor City’ by Mad Maraca

Visions from Remembered Futures, the SuperRare Gallery debut exhibition

As previously mentioned, the debut exhibition at the SuperRare Gallery will be Visions from Remembered Futures. To explain, this exhibition will feature 15 SuperRare artists. Each artist will focus on futuristic cyberpunk landscapes as they explore the theme sci-fi.

Significantly, and in contrast to the popular dystopian visions of the future, these artworks all celebrate the digital art renaissance, and the freedom of artistic expression that comes with it.

The artists that will be on display at the debut exhibition include:

Alex Ness, Blake Kathryn, Botto; Dangiuz. Federico Clapis. Fernando Magalhaes. Idil Dursun. Alpha Centauri Kid. Krista Kim. Mari. K; Maskarade; Reuben Wu; Vintage Mozart; Xsullo; Zomax

Besides the debut exhibition, SuperRare is already preparing a special exhibition for Pride Month in June. The exhibition will be curated by Nicole Ruggiero and Samantha Carey. The exhibition will feature 2D digital painting and Inna Modja, a multi-disciplinary Malian artist, will curate it.

This in-person gallery follows right on from SuperRare’s virtual exhibition celebrating AAPI Heritage Month. Overall, the physical gallery from the leading curated NFT art marketplace aims to mark the past year of NFTs while looking to the future of art within Web3.

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