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Telegram Claims That The Crypto Expose post Is A Scam. Don’t Download it!

The official Telegram Messenger Twitter account warned its followers that the highly publicized crypto expose is a fraud. In the past few days, this so-called expose was the topic of much discussion in the NFT and crypto communities. The latest news does not support the claims of an expose. Please do not download this document until further evidence is available to support or discredit these claims.

Image of a trojan horse with text crypto exposé scam
According to Telegram, the upcoming ‘crypto expose’ is a scam with malicious intentions.

Telegram denounces crypto expose as a scam

The tweet by Telegram confirms they are concrete in their belief that the crypto expose is a massive scam. Telegram stated, “An anonymous account claimed that they had access to private group chats on Telegram. This is a false claim. This vulnerability has never been discovered. This is likely a hoax with the intent to get users to download malware.”

A user called @adyingnobody released a Twitter thread on the 7th of June. In this thread, they explained that they have thousands of damning messages from 2019 to 2022 due to an exploit in Telegram.

Significantly, they explained that they have information on prominent NFT and crypto community members. @adyingnobody says this includes rug pulling, conspiracy to commit fraud and homophobia.

NFT scams are getting more complex

If the crypto expose does turn out to be a scam, as Telegram suggests, it is a dark turn in the way scammers work. After luring you into the scam, they promise to expose others. Remember that you also need to keep ahead of the latest NFT security issues and practice the safest measures possible.

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