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The Best Free to Mint NFTs

Free to Mint NFTs Are Not New. In fact, they have been around for a while, with some OG NFT collections like CryptoPunks being free to mint. After the success of, however, the free-to-mint NFTs came into the spotlight. What exactly are free to mint NFTs? And what are the best collections in this category of NFTs?

Different ugly goblins of free to mint Goblintown project
Free to Mint NFTs shot to fame after the success of Goblintown NFTs.

What is Free to Mint NFTs?

As the name implies, free to mint NFTs are a type of NFT drop where projects release NFTs at no cost, except for the gas fees needed to mint the NFTs. These mints tend to focus more on secondary sales royalties than their primary sales earnings. The team receives a percentage of royalties for each NFT that is sold on the secondary marketplace.

Needless to say, free to mint NFTs significantly reduce the entry barrier to the NFT space, especially for newbies. New NFT projects typically charge between 0. 05 to 0. 25 ETH per NFT–which is not affordable for everyone.

Moreover, amid the current Bear market, NFT sales have also dropped, making free mints an attractive option. These projects can also be extremely profitable in a short time, which makes it a win-win situation. The success of the Goblintown project was a clear example.

Top Free to Mint NFT Collections To Know Today

Let’s take a look at some of the top free to mint NFT collections that dropped recently.

Launched in late May, the Goblintown NFT collection quickly made headlines after hosting a weird Twitter Spaces. The collection features 10,000 hideous-looking Goblins on the Ethereum blockchain. Despite the absurd artwork and lack of a clear roadmap or utility, NFTs quickly rose in sales, leaving many observers (including this writer) scratching their heads. The project also flipped top NFT projects of blue-chip status!

Ugly goblin of Goblintown
Goblintown NFTs are not only ugly, but offer no utility or roadmap.

Currently, Goblintown takes the top spot on OpenSea rankings in terms of the last 30 days’ trading volume. Already, the project boasts a 5 ETH floor, raking in over 35,400 ETH in total sales volume. It is not clear how this free to mint NFT project managed such a huge success.

We Are All Going to Die (WAGDIE)

Another free to mint NFT project making waves in the NFT space is We Are All Going to Die (WAGDIE). After posting a disturbing recording to Twitter, WAGDIE also became famous following Goblintown’s lead. The WAGDIE team also bought a MAYC NFT and then burned it. They got the PR boost they wanted, and it was exactly what they needed.

WAGDIE includes a total of 6,666 NFTs, featuring pixelated, sombre humanoids in medieval attires. WAGDIE is akin to Goblintown in that it doesn’t have a website or a roadmap. Although the collection was launched on June 3, its sales have already reached nearly $11,000.

We are all going to die NFT of a humanoid wearing a hood
Zo the World Bearer. Credit: OpenSea

For The Culture

The For The Culture NFT project was not only free to mint but went a step further to pay 0. 01 ETH to the minters. According to the official Twitter account of the project, there is no roadmap or website. Only for the culture. Its OpenSea bio states, “If this sh*t is what you read, it’s because you came for the meme and have stayed for its culture.” Never underestimate the power of memes fcker.”

A line drawing of For the culture free to mint NFT
For The Culture NFTs paid 0. 01 ETH to minters.

The project began when NFT Influencer, Artchick tweeted about an idea of an NFT project that would pay minters 0. 01 ETH. Sibel, the creator of For The Culture, took notice and created it. The collection, with 5,000 NFTs, has so far generated 2,100 ETH in sales.

The Octagon by Deca

In May 2022, generative art platform Deca dropped 10,000 free to mint NFTs called The Octagon. The Octagon has many utilities, which is different from the other projects. These NFTs can be used as membership tokens for Deca’s first-of its-kind metaverse, Decaverse.

Notably, The Octagon can even become a Decagon. The Octagon starts at level 1. Holders can follow easy steps to move up the levels. The holder unlocks more levels, which means they get more utilities. The project’s unusual characteristics have attracted Cozomo De’Medici to it.

Deca Octagon drop levels
There are different levels in the Octagon NFT project. Credit: Deca

Tips to Mint Free to Mint NFT Collections

Amid the growing popularity of free to mint NFTs, scams are also becoming an increasing concern. Mostly, these scams use malicious smart contracts where the investors are tricked into parting with their NFTs. It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with free mint NFT scams.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a hardware wallet or a burner wallet to mint the NFTs. The burner wallet stores limited funds and is distinct from your permanent wallet. Your valuable assets will be safe even if the project is a fraud.
  • Learn the basics of NFT smart contracts so that you can spot any malicious functions within a contract.
  • Finally, do your due diligence before taking the leap. Do not click on any untrued links. Always double-check your connection to any site before you make any payments.

All things considered, as with all NFT projects, free to mint NFTs also have their pros and cons. Some legit projects are able to get you into NFT without spending a lot of money. Others can be scammy or not worth your time. Before making any investment decisions, do your research.

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