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The Bulls and Apes Project: Establishing New Industry Standards

The Bulls and Apes Project, B.A.P. NFT mint is just around the corner 10,000 OG Bulls are charging in on 31 May 2022, at 5pm EST. This is all you need to know regarding this NFT project that uses revolutionary new technology.

Bulls and Apes Project
Are you BULLish about the Bulls and Apes Project

What is the Bulls and Apes NFT Project?

The Bulls and Apes Project is a generative 3D NFT project, aiming to set a new industry standard with its 6-month money-back guarantee. B.A.P. will not be affected by the negative sentiment in the NFT space. holders.

Aside from the amazing artwork, NFT holders can earn Methane tokens ($METH) by holding the bulls in their respective wallets. These tokens can be used as IRL event passes. They are also essential to mint future collections such as the upcoming 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls.

How Much do Bulls and Apes NFTs cost?

The genesis NFTs will cost 0. 17 ETH per Bull, and only these 10,000 have the ability to generate tokens.

Each OG Bull will generate 10 $METHs a day. Aside from the first 30 days ‘GRAZE’ period, owners will lose all $METHs when they sell their bulls or move them to another wallet. There is a max supply of 560 Million $METHs. When these tokens are used for minting new NFTs, 50% go back to the treasury and 50% are burnt. This creates a deflationary currency token that increases the value of long-term holders.

Who Created the Bulls and Apes Project?

Meet the fully doxxed Bulls and Apes Project co-founders: Anthony Mongiello, Guillermo Puyol, and Manny Coats. Their collective industry experience includes angel investing, marketing, operations, tech, and many other areas.

Anthony, the CEO, is an Operations and Technology Leader with almost 20 years of experience. Manny and Guillermo have been involved in mobile games, software development and marketing. They recently left a company that they had built from scratch and is valued at more than $1B.

The Bulls and Apes Project team has some of the most transparent practices in any NFT projects in the market right now. The co-founders and other members frequently communicate directly to the community through YouTube videos, Twitter Space, podcasts, and also their other social channels.

Using the experience, knowledge, and connections over their careers, the team intends to bring access to education, mentorship, and opportunity that many would never otherwise see.

What is in store for the B.A.P Team?

Moving forward, the team is actively developing in various directions as the community continues to grow. Already planning has begun for IRL events and educational coursework, mastermind access, tangible products, and a fully integrated ecosystem.

The Bulls and Apes Project will enter the metaverse in the near future. They are also discussing potential gaming partnerships. They will then explore licensing and fashion to expand the brand’s reach.

Bulls and Apes Project
Check out the detail on the Bulls and Apes Project artwork

Did you say 6-months money-back guarantee?

I kid you not, the NFT industry’s first-ever 6-month money-back guarantee is here. This feature is already included in the audited smart contracts, which are available for everyone to view on their website. Because the Bulls and Apes Project is fully funded pre-mint, the proceeds from the mint will be locked up for 180 days post-mint. Starting from Day 31, buyers can participate in the refund process. No questions asked, regardless of whether the buyer is unhappy with the price or has a change in heart.

All in all, the Bulls and Apes Project team is taking their stand, footing the bill for this new industry standard. Scams and rug pullings are over!

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