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The Lost Poets: The Complete Collection

If you are tired of NFTs generated by algorithms, there is something for you. The Lost Poets NFT collection features 65,536 Poets from 1,024 different Origins. Each NFT is generated by an AI that was specifically designed for this purpose. Intrigued?

Lost Poets NFT
One art piece, many collectors. Credit: @poetslost

Here’s how the Lost Poets NFT collection works

Many creators today build on each other’s work, adding new elements to old ideas. Well, not Murat Pak. This unique idea was born out of the genius of a creator. It’s not surprising that this idea stood out immediately during the NFT boom. Who are these Lost Poets?

Thousands of poets sat on dusty shelves in The Library of Babel a long time ago, waiting for their turn. They roam around the 256 hidden shelves, patiently waiting. On September 3rd, 2021, the wait came to an end as the poets were finally discovered. Given that they do not use modular components, all the 65,536 Lost Poets are one of a kind, diverse, and sophisticated.

In the beginning, each wallet that contains 25 or more $ASH tokens will be eligible for the Lost Poets NFT airdrop. For those that missed the airdrop snapshot, having 25 $ASH tokens will grant them access to the pre-sale. Ultimately, the 48-hour sale ended in just 2 hours, with fans all over the world sweeping up all 65,536 poets. You can check them out on OpenSea, currently having a floor price of 0. 229 ETH and a total trading volume of 30k ETH. All collectors were sorted according to the number of Pages NFTs that they had acquired. Among them, the top 100 collectors will receive multiple Origin tokens depending on their position on the leaderboard. After a few weeks, ACT II (The Reveal), finally started. Only a small portion of the attributes of Lost Poets NFT holders will be visible. As time goes by, more attributes will be visible, making it possible to see the entire product.

Lost Poets NFT
Poet #13246. Credit: OpenSea

Check out the secret roadmap

As part of the revealing process, the Lost Poets will also be able to speak more words. What good is a poet if they can’t speak words?

As more traits are discovered, the Lost Poets NFT Collectors will uncover new details about the mechanisms. Collectors will be able to feed Pages to the Lost Poets in this stage. Collectors will have the option to rename each Page and poets will be able speak more words.

As this unfolds, the NFTs’ uniqueness will be revealed and their rarities will also change. However, that is not the end. Act IV will bring us a final twist. However, no one knows yet what will happen.

At the end of 365 days, all the Lost Poets NFTs will achieve their final form. All collectors will also receive their $ASH rewards. Most collectors will be officially done with their journey. Pak has kept some Origin Poets for auction or distribution during special occasions, but this is only for a few.

Knowing Pak, we will never truly know…

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