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The NFT Community Believes There Is A Secret Group of Insider Traders

These days, the NFT community debates whether there is a group of insider traders within the space. With allegedly “flagrant evidence”, collectors bring their own theories to this discussion.

In essence, it seems that more people believe that NFT whales and other individuals have access to important information earlier than everyone else. Is that true?

The NFT community is heavily debating the existence of a secret NFT insider trader group. Credits: FreePik

The NFT community, concerned about insider trading groups

Just a week before Azuki holders were airdropped free tokens, its NFT floor price went up. Although collectors weren’t too concerned about it, others found this to be a great piece of evidence.

Accordingly, a group of anonymous insider traders gets valuable information about upcoming drops, collabs, and more, beforehand. This theory is believed to be the reason why some NFT collectors believe these traders are always one step ahead. This increases their income significantly.

These are the main projects the Twitter NFT community is discussing:

Twitter screenshot of a Keef message on the NFT insider trader theory
NFT collector Keef believes that insider traders have known about the top NFT drops in the last few months. Credits: Twitter

The tweet shown above by NFT collector Keef quickly became a hub of conspiracy theories.

For example, users debated whether the Azuki airdrop was predictable. Just one week before tokens were distributed to NFT holders, the floor price of the collection began climbing. Many people believe that the event was predictable based on the previous clues the Azuki team provided via Discord.

Did collectors know of RTFKT’s success before?

However, one particular user tweeted several 2021 screenshots regarding the Clone X insider trader theory. Back in 2021, Twitter user @sarah1of1 (whose account no longer exists) revealed she invested all of her net worth into the RTFKT Clone X NFT collection. This happened shortly before the project skyrocketed into popularity thanks to its partnership with Nike.

Here’s the tweet:

Twitter screenshot from the NFT community of a potential insider trader message
The NFT community is sharing more and more potential evidence to prove their insider traders’ theory. Credits: Twitter

Allegedly, Sarah1of1 might’ve been part of the mysterious insider trader NFT group. NFT collector @HawkwardArt claimed that Sarah1of1 was actually “caught transacting avec someone who is cousins to someone on the team So far, we could not verify the information. It does show how much the NFT community is interested in the idea that there might be a secret group for NFT traders.

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