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The Sandbox Team Up with A 9 Year Old OId to Create Zombie Zoo Land

The Sandbox has teamed-up with a 9 year old to create Zombie Zoo Land. Through this partnership with The Sandbox, the Japanese “Zombie Zoo Keeper” has shown that he is different than many other 9-year olds.

Zombie Zoo Land
Zombie Zoo Land will be created by a 9-year old.

About the Zombie Zoo Land/Zombie Zoo Keeper

The Zombie Zoo Keeper original rose to NFT fame with his Zombie Zoo collection on OpenSea. This collection has 258 items and it sits at a 0. 29 ETH floor price, with a clear thin floor price. This collection was created by him at age 8 He’s been featured in Buzzfeed and Business Insider because of this fame.

He’s also grown over 6,000 followers on Twitter, including one from world-famous DJ, Steve Aoki.

Now has teamed up with Minto, a manga and anime specialist, to bring their designs to life on The Sandbox. This is one of the largest metaverse platforms. This project will allow the team to reproduce their designs in 3D and bring them to life in a virtual, colourful world.

By using the virtual real estate from Minto, the project will result in a fun experience for all users.

This is not The Sandbox’s first collaboration with a well-known brand or individual. This is the most exciting, however, because the brand worked with a 9 year-old for the very first time.

The Sandbox and their Partnerships

The Sandbox is one of the biggest metaverse gaming platforms. They are likely to have the largest market share, along with Decentraland.

The Sandbox has many partners, including Snoop Dogg and The Walking Dead, Adidas, and The Smurfs. Many large collections have also made Sandbox-ready avatars such as CyberKongz’s CyberKongz VX line.

It also has demonstrated a clear ability to host events, similar to Decentraland.

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