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The Whisky Barrel launches Scotch whisky with NFT Provenance Certificate

Scotland’s renowned online whisky platform “The Whisky Barrel”, announces the launch its latest single barrel scotch whisky, paired with its Digital Provenance Certificate. While applying blockchain technology to 279 bottles of a single cask of peated Scotch, collectors can mitigate the risk of purchasing counterfeit whisky.

Whisky barrel NFT
QR code associated with Bottle #001 Digital Provenance Certificate

How Scotch Whisky Found The Blockchain

Ran by brothers Chris & Alastair Brown, the two have recognized the massive growth between the digital and physical. Each of the 279 bottles features a distinctive QR code that ties to its corresponding Digital Provenance Certificate. This token is used to digitally prove ownership and provenance.

As a result, each NFT associated with the 6-year-old whisky can securely transmit essential product information on a public ledger. If you’re buying the genuine bottle, this will eliminate most, if not all of your doubts. Alastair Brown also commented on buyer stress and praised their willingness to embrace NFT technology, as well as the many benefits.

“The positive response from customers who purchased our first release, a Glen Moray 30-Year-Old, has emphasized the benefit that this technology brings to rare Scotch whisky. Each individual bottle features a layer of provenance that’s unrivaled in the Scotch whisky industry.” Alastair Brown

Whisky Barrel Goes SOL

Each Digital Provenance Certificate will live on the Solana blockchain platform. Whiskey Barrel chose Solana because of its low carbon footprint and energy consumption. In addition, owners of these bottles are given membership to The Whisky Barrel Scotch Club hosted by Solsea. The Annandale 6-Year-Old marks the second release from The Whisky Barrel’s 15th Anniversary Portfolio Series. Which will conclude with the bottling of a 50-year-old single cask whisky.

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