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Ubisoft claims that its upcoming “team battle arena” game will not have NFTs

Ubisoft has announced the upcoming “team fight arena game”, with two important disclaimers. It’s not a battle royale, and there are no NFTs. After leakers uploaded footage of Project Q online, the game company shared the news via Twitter.

Ubisoft stated in a series tweets that “This isn’t a Battle Royale.” The game will have a variety PvP modes, with one goal: FUN! While we don’t plan to add NFTs, you can register and take part in the upcoming testing to find out more!

We heard you…

Codename Project Q is a team battle arena that allows players to truly control the experience. The game is in early development and we will keep testing, so for now all you can do is register for upcoming tests:

— Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) April 23, 2022

Ubisoft has posted a tweet stating that you can sign up to the upcoming Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PS5 PS4 PC tests on their website. The exact date of the tests and whether the final version will be available for free play are not known. Ubisoft assured players that Project Q’s “Q” will not stand for “Quartz”, the name of Ubisoft’s in-game NFT initiative.

Video game leaker Tom Henderson has shown footage of Project Q that shows Fortnite and Overwatch blending together. As of now, it appears to have two modes: Showdown (battle royale), and Battle Zone (territory management). This game is still in development so any changes are possible. Ubisoft did not immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment.

Ubisoft launched Hyper Scape, a brief, free-to-play battle-royale in 2020.. Although the futuristic shooter was a unique take on battle royales, its popularity quickly waned, and it was eventually shut down on April 28th 2022..

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