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vEmpire Launches a Staking Pool for ApeCoin

vEmpire has just announced their new ApeCoin stake pool with potential triple yield APR and without lock-up requirements. Stakers will receive rewards in $VEMP tokens from vEmpire, as well as $ApeCoin. At the moment, rewards are only available in $VEMP until the secondary yield is active. Owners that stake their holdings before 6 April 2022 will also be on the whitelist for the company’s Plebeian Council NFT drop.

ApeCoin owners do not have any utility other than governance. This platform offers long-term owners the opportunity to reap some rewards. It not only provides passive income in $VEMP but also allows owners to enter the vEmpire metaverse.

vEmpire staking
Interested to stake your ApeCoin? Credit: @vEmpireDDAO

vEmpire Staking

vEmpire DDAO is a decentralized metaverse investment organization. They use different strategies to encourage metaverse token staking such as ETH and MANA. This protocol allows owners to receive high APRs. For instance, staking MANA will give stakers a combined APR of 40. 57% at the time of writing. Therefore, if you are willing to part ways with your holdings for at least 6-12 months, this may be an option.

vEmpire’s total value locked is currently $17,438,048. 19 across all pools. To complement the staking process, the company is developing its gaming guild. This will be helpful when the company uses ApeCoin to buy Ape-based assets and play games within the Ape ecosystem. The gaming guild will recruit members to their metaverse scholarship, where scholars will be rewarded for playing P2E games. The company has great plans with the help of its partners such as Unicrypt, Chainlink and Polygon.

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