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Veve hosts their first IRL event at DesignerCon Kick Off Party

VeVe will host today’s DesignerCon event. It’s being called the ‘VeVe x DesignerCon kickoff party’. This party is hosted by the 3DRetro campus in Glendale.

VeVe will be hosting their first IRL event at DesignerCon this weekend.

VeVe’s IRL Event at Designercon

VeVe has chosen this weekend’s DesignerCon in California as their first IRL event. VeVe fans were told to attend this event so they don’t miss it.

DesignerCon is kicking off the year 2022 with new exciting drops and returning artists in Glendale, California. DesignerCon will also host monthly drops leading up to DesignerCon UK (September), and DesignerCon Anaheim, November.

Series 1 will feature multiple returning artists as well as actual collectibles that were associated with several drops. The event will also feature artists such as Camille Rose Garcia and Dave Pressler. Yoskay Yamamoto is a VeVe newcomer, along with Munkyking, a designer toy brand.

A lot of things will be going on at the VeVe IRL event, including a DCon series 1 drop at 1 PM PT, with the event starting at 12 PM PT. Beyond this, the first 500 attendees will receive free food from various food trucks. You will also be able to enjoy DJ Alex Yang’s music and win some giveaways.

About Veve

To clarify, VeVe was founded in 2018. It was created by collectors for other collectors. The goal is to make NFT digital collectibles available to everyone. With over 500,000 active users and 1.4 million NFTs sold (as of 1st November per Yahoo), VeVe is the largest mobile-first digital collectibles platform. VeVe uses both blockchain and augmented realities technologies to offer premium licensed collectibles from leading brands. These include Warner Bros., Cartoon Networks, Marvel, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, as well as Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros. and Coca-Cola NFTs. Without a doubt, the app has recently gained more attention from a large community of Marvel fans with their launches of Marvel digital collectibles last year, featuring Spiderman and Captain America characters, as well as the ‘What If’ Comic series.

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