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Web3’s Sherlock Holmes Charges Minor Influencer With Sol Scam

Web3’s sleuth has returned with another crypto case. This exposes what happened to a Sol scam. Zacht (@zachxbt) on Twitter, followed the crypto trail to connect it with a minor influencer.

The picture shows a hacker in a dim lit room
The recent Sol Scam compromised a wallet containing 2349 SOL or $240k. Credit: Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Recent Sol Scam: What Happened

The scam happened when Twitter user @0x_fxnction said his wallet was compromised and he lost $240k or 2349 SOL. The Web’s crypto detective posted a thread about how he tracked the funds and recovered some of them.

According to zachxbt the attackers deposited the SOL funds into multiple wallets. Then the suspect swapped the SOL for 40 ETH & 102,000 DAI and deposited it into Tornado. A few minutes later, a Tornado address withdraws the exact amount ETH & DAI.

The hacker then began to move the funds. They exchanged them for USDC. The address then receives ETH from ChangeNOW and then transfers $50k to LocalCoinSwap. The web3 detective reached out to both platforms.

Although it’s too late for ChangeNOW to reverse or freeze the transaction, the LocalCoinSwap was able to freeze at least $50k of the stolen funds. After that, zachxbt looked into the addresses associated to the hacker. One of the addresses connected to Crypto Noah’s address (@CryptoNoah_) he said.

Minor Influencer’s Wallet Connected to Hackers Address

According to zachxbt, Crypto Noah is an influencer who made $29,000,000 pumping and dumping meme coins. He made 8 figures from Saitama. He also had a nearly 3% supply. He would tweet bullishly while dropping 6 figures of tokens per day.

The picture shows a graph explaining what happened to the Sol scam funds and how it is connected to a minor influencer called CryptoNoah
The picture shows the flow of funds from the Sol scam and how it is connected to a minor influencer called Crypto Noah. Credit: @zachxbt on Twitter

So what’s the connection? Noah’s public wallet sent $4.1m in crypto to a wallet that began at 0x7e. Then 0x7e sent the Sol scam’s hacker address $460k worth of crypto. Noah replied that the transaction were for another thing, but it was his wallet. He claimed that he was scammed while trying for an Amazon warehouse investment. Zachxbt believes he is lying because the influencer can’t provide proof such as messages, a report from the police or a contract. Other instances tie his wallet to hacker’s address.

Zachxbt stated that he had spoken with the FBI to continue his investigation.

To read the full thread and explanation of the Sol scam, check out zachxbt’s post here. Also, here are some tips to keep your crypto and NFTs safe.

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