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WonderPals NFT: Everything you Should Know

The WonderPals NFT collection boasts one of the most sweet communities in the industry. This family-friendly brand features 10,000 beloved characters, melting hearts left and right. Today we are going to show you the most adorable friends on the Ethereum blockchain.

wonderpals nft
A collection of beautiful art and a community. Credit: @WonderPals

Introducing the WonderPals!

The WonderPals NFT collection is a collection of 10,000 delightfully cute pals, ready to journey along with their owners both physically and digitally. It is their vision to bring joy to the world by fostering creativity, community and creating fun art. So far, I’d say they’re living up to their dreams as a close-knit community, attracting more than 176k happy followers on Twitter alone. At the time of writing, there is a floor price for the collection at 0. 12 ETH, having a total trading volume of 10.5k ETH. Each one is unique and has a combination of different traits such as the background, body shape, clothes, eyes, mouth, and head. Some rare traits, such as the Sushi Salmon or Sea Monster heads can fetch higher prices. In addition, there are also 16 1/1 WonderPals such as the MummyPal and StarPal.

WonderPals NFT
1/1 WonderPal #798 a.k.a MummyPal. Credit: OpenSea

Who is behind WonderPals NFT?

Mina is the founder and artist of the WonderPals NFT collection. The freelance artist and senior product designer has almost 10 years of experience in design, e-commerce and marketing. She has previously worked for brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Target.

Mina’s work is often centered around branding and visual languages, as you can see from her incredible work with WonderPals NFT. Mina has always been an artist of adorable characters and calm aesthetics that anyone can relate to, regardless of their backgrounds. The NFT project reflects her true self as an artist as well as as a person.

Apart form Mina, Sho is the operations and product manager for the WonderPals NFT project. They also have the support of Bueno, an expert in creating generative art and smart contracts. The small team has been doing a fantastic job, with very few complaints from the community. Kudos!

WonderPals NFT
Have you got yours yet? Credit: @WonderPals

What can holders expect to get?

Right off the bat, WonderPals NFT holders often get WL spots for other NFT collections. Holders have been awarded WL spots in the past for Invisible Friends and Doodles. If you’re a creator interested in any form of collaboration, you can always hit them up at [email protected]

If your NFT collection is next-level cute, there is no reason not to release project merchandise right? The team opened their gift shop just in time to celebrate NFT.NYC. The collection’s first collection is minimalistic, wearable, and cute. Holders are starting to get their merchandise worldwide right now, to my surprise. Up next, plushies!

To top it all off, the team has recently introduced Art Drops! Mina will continue to produce cute art for the community, but this time incorporating pals from the 10k collection. If they include your WonderPal’s illustration in the Art Drop illustration they will airdrop that piece of art to you as an NFT. This is a great idea for airdrops. Side tip: Rare pals such as those with matching outfits have a better chance of being featured.

Great art, great community and great vibes.

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