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World of Women x The Fabricant Search for Female-Led NFT Partners

The Fabricant Studio has partnered with the World of Women NFT Project last month and is now looking to recruit more female NFT partners to the league. In essence, the collab will help onboard 20,000 female creators to co-create digital fashion NFTs on The Fabricant Studio’s platform. Do you want to be part of this amazing collab? Let’s see how it works!

World of Women and The Fabricant are looking for female-led NFT partners.
Soon, you will be able to start co-creating and minting your own digital fashion NFTs. Credit to The Fabricant.

How female-led NFT partners can co-create digital fashion NFTs with World of Women x The Fabricant

To start designing your next metaverse fashion NFT on The Fabricant, you will first need a Crypto Purse access pass. How do you get one?

Individual creators can get a Crypto Purse by simply holding an NFT either from The Fabricant Studio NFT/ World of Women WoW. If you are a member of an elite Web3 female community, be sure to check out the Discord. You might soon hear about how to obtain the access pass.

The Fabricant female NFT partners will need a Crypto Purse access pass to use its platform.
Crypto Purse access pass. Credit: The Fabricant.

When can I get the Crypto Purse access pass?

One thing to take note of is that the Crypto Purse pass drop is going to happen at the end of June this year. When the time comes, ensure you have a NFT from one of the NFT collections.

According to The Fabricant’s access pass, female creators can co-create fashion NFTs using the WoW collection, and then mint them on the Fabricant’s platform. The first mint is always free and subsequent mints will cost 15 FLOW each. In addition, each wallet can only mint up to 27 garment NFTs in total.

With 27 looks, 24 colors, and 20 types of fabrics to choose from, would-be female fashion designers will be spoiled for choices when designing their outfits on The Fabricant. Given that, there are more than 300,000 possible combinations of garments waiting to be discovered this time. What’s more, each of these fashion NFTs is wearable in the metaverse like The Sandbox. For more details, make sure to visit The Fabricant’s official webpage here.

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