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You Want to Own A Beer Brewery? With this NFT

You can. Have you ever dreamed about being part of a successful brewery? Maybe you just want a cold beer. Munich-based MetaBrewSoceity may be able offer both. MetaBrew Society (MBS), a new venture, is aiming to leverage the power of NFTs in order to launch a community-operated brewery by giving NFT holders voting rights to the MBS DAO.

MetaBrew Beer Brewery NFT
Beer Brewery’s & NFTs never mixed this well

MetaBrew Looks To Join Forces Fellow Brew Enthusiasts

MetaBrew Society seeks to combine to wonders of beer, blockchain technology, and NFT utility to create thriving experiences where holders truly possess utility inside both the digital and physical. For this reason, MetaBrew has taken to the blockchain to provide holders with “voting rights” through “Beer Share Certificate” NFTs. Equipped with 6,000 NFTs, MBS has set a two-stage release schedule for minting that has yet TBA.

MetaBrew’s Beer Brewery NFT Offering?

As mentioned above, Metabrew has yet to provide the public with a set release date. They have however provided important details about what holders can expect if they opt in. The opening of the physical Meta Brewery all henges on the mint going rather well and hitting 75% sold. MBS will purchase an existing brewery once MetaBrewery has reached its milestone. MBS will then officially create a DAO, which will include the NFT holders.

NFT holders can expect to attend festivities and events organized by MBS as well as a “voucher” to receive at least 100 free cans of beer per year. Holders who wish to sell their share of the batch may be eligible for an additional NFT. All remaining revenue from this purchase will go towards expanding the brewery. Furthermore, the holders will vote on a charity to receive 10% of the royalties generated for the collection. Each “beer-share” certificate is unique based on animations, colors, fonts, and other elements. Each “beer share” certificate is unique in that it reflects the governance of a physical brewery. These decisions include pricing, brewing methods and future land purchases.

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